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Many Babylon 5 fans have lamented the demise of the thought-provoking series and the dearth of new episodes or a feature film. Frankly, the direct-to-DVD movies, the television movies, Rangers stories and the Crusade series just didn't click with most fans. Series creator and writer J. Michael Straczynski stated recently he will not do anymore B-5 projects if and until Warner Bros. (who owns the show) coughs up some real money for a top-line feature film [JMS 7.08 remarks linked here]. Below is a spec script I wrote back in '99 for a B-5 feature film. It centers on Lyta's journey of self-discovery and Londo's quest for redemption. The story is essentially one long love-letter to the show. Enjoy. [c'mon JMS, read it] 

At the end of the series, Lyta was going off on a journey with G'Kar and she had struck a secret deal with Girabaldi. Telepaths were seeking a homeworld of their own and freedom from persecution and human telepaths protection from the fascistic Earth telepath agency Psi-Corps. DeLenn had returned to Minbar to assume leadership duties there. Sheridan had become president of the Alliance. Dr. Franklin was on Earth and was exposed to the virus released by the Drakh which can kill all life on Earth. Girabaldi is now a billionaire and based on Mars, having inherited Edgars Industries (defense contractors) when he married the late Edgars' widow. The Drakh now sew unrest in the galaxy in the stead of the Shadows - who were driven out. The Vorlons have also headed "beyond the rim" along with the Shadows. Lennier, who loves Delenn, now wears black as a sign of disgrace and had recently betrayed Sheridan. Bester and the Psi-Corps are wild-cards - no one knows if they conspire with the Drakh or not. G'Kar is now the supreme religious leader of all Narn, his autobiography having struck a deep chord among his people - who now view him as a messiah. On the space station Babylon 5 Lochley is in charge and Number 1 (Tessa) heads up the intelligence unit for the Alliance. Vir is still stationed on B-5 and Centauri Emperor Londo Molari leads the Centauri Republic from Centauri Prime - yet he is controlled by a Drakh keeper - a hideous creature that most cannot see and which has fused with his nervous system making him subject to Drakh control. The Narn homeworld lies in ruins from the vicious Centauri attack the Shadows made happen, and Centauri Prime is partially destroyed as well through Drakh subterfuge.

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